My Skills with Office Applications


I have been using Microsoft Office since 1999. I have gone through the progression of Office from Office 97 all the way up to the present version of Office with is known as Office 365 both 2013 and 2016.

I started as a technician installing and troubleshooting installations of the Office ™ and then in the 1990’s became interested in writing applications for the various parts of the software suite. So, my knowledge nearly eighteen years.


As stated elsewhere on the site, I have created a “Work-Ticket” for Big Fish, done extensive work with “CPMS (Capital Programming Management System)” for MDOT which is a collection of many Access databases that work together as an application. Most recently as a volunteer I created an Access 2010 Cemetery Application to bring records from pre-computer age into the electronic age. Later I transferred it to mySQL and a shareware site.

Other projects I have done for Big Fish was a Customer Response Management system that utilized the entire suite. Storing records of conversations with customers in an Access database, used Word to create for Forms that populated the Access Records, Access Records that were converted in Excel spreadsheet to graphical track response and Outlook to e-mail updates to customers as well as track progress of cases within the company.


I have done many projects that have involved Excel and have been using spreadsheets in one form or another since the 1980s. Most notable was for MDOT.

Since there was no budget for other packages, I was able to make calls to Excel to forecast the next expenditure amount in the forecast page on the provided payout curve. In fact I was able to have usable curve matching up to a fifth order polynomial.

Then of course I am very familiar with the charting and graphing capabilities and the many uses of spreadsheet in business.


Some of the projects I have done with Outlook have been for MDOT and Big Fish. As mentioned above I made outlook part of a CRM application and for MDOT I was able to get Outlook to email PDF and other Access Reports.


Most recently, in addition to the CRM system for Big Fish, I have worked with SSA. That application used Word to create legal documents and fill in the blanks from a database. It was based on “Snippets” of which the system contained thousands and the logic produced these documents that had to be correct as reviewed by a Judge for each given input.

The possibilities are end-less in how Office™ can be put to work for you to automate many work flow processes in your business.